Mission Statement

We will provide our customers with the highest level of customer service and competitively priced quality products and services. We will encourage the professional and personal growth of our "co-workers", firmly believe that they are our most valuable resource, and recognize that our "co-workers" will do to our customers what we do to and for them. We will work to improve the economic strength of the Ho-Chunk Nation and serve our communities.


  • Ho-Chunk Nation currently operates 5 Whitetail Crossing Convenience Stores
  • Each Whitetail Crossing Convenience Store offers 3 levels of unleaded gasoline
  • As of 2008, each Whitetail Crossing offers diesel fuel
  • Each Whitetail Crossing offers varying levels of merchandise, novelty and gift items
  • Each Whitetail Crossing offers Ho-Chunk Nation's products of coffee(Daxu) and water(Nisiini)